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rE:VOLUTION - Yaozu by toxic-zone rE:VOLUTION - Yaozu by toxic-zone

◢ Y A O Z U ◤

◄ 21 | ♂ | June 14  | Gemini | 173 cm (5'8) | 70 kg (154 lbs)| Location: Hosoo | Nationality: Chinese | Hair: Pale Blond (Black) | Eyes: Black   ►

◢ E d u c a t i o n  &  J o b ◤

◄ Education: Middle school drop-out ►

Yaozu finished his education when he was 14 and as soon as he was able to drop it without any legal repercussions. He never finished middle school. What he lacks in theoretical knowledge, he makes up with a street wisdom, experience and things he learned from Animal PlanetLOL.

◄ Job: Tattoo Artist in reINKarnation Tattoo Studio►

reINKarnation was created over ten years ago by a group of friends who shared the same passion for tattoos and alternative fashion. With the passing years, the studio evolved into a professional business. reINKarnation provides typical body modification services like tattooing and piercing as well as more fancy ones like alternative hairdressing or make-up for people and their AllMates. The studio share their building with a small bar on the first floor, where people can meet and share their interest with others or just spend a good time in a friendly atmosphere. The place has this edgy, alternative feel, so it used to bring mostly young, rebellious teens who wish to have something really stupid done on their heads or arms, or, from lack of courage, torture their AllMates with some ridiculous fur colors or accessories. A big part of clients comes also as Rhyme team members, looking for someone to ink their tag tattoo.

(Post 1st Event)Yaozu became a part of reINKarnation two years ago and finally at his 21st birthday he received a certificate. From now on he is a legit tattoo artist.

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara(Post 2nd Event) Recently, Yaozu got a chance to got recognized in the street art society. As a gift from Kazuma for his 21st birthday the Chinese got a chance to make a big mural painting for Nextwave, a popular, high class club of Platinum Jail and befriended an art director of that place, Haruna Fujioka, who showed interest in working with Yaozu in future. Finishing the mural ended up with a big success, what opened for Yaozu new business possibilities.

◄ Team: Kings ►

RE:V +++ KINGS +++ by Meishali

Tag tattoo: Above his left ankle.

◢ P e r s o n a l i t y ◤

◄  independent | witty |  fun-loving |  brave | loyal | stubborn | curious | unpredictable | impulsive | mischievous | violent | vulgar  ►

Yaozu used to have to count on himself for most of his life, that's why when it comes to dealing with things or making decisions, his first choice is trusting his own choices and staying true at heart, even if more often than once his decisions are rather spontaneous and too rushed to be correctly measured. Though he's making many mistakes, the Chinese has a bad time learning on his own mistakes, many times having to go through the same shit over and over again to figure out how to deal with it right. Doesn't have much respect for authorities, though there is few people that he finds as pretty much cool and impressive.

Yaozu is a fighter, not afraid of confrontation, always choosing to resolve the problem than avoid it, ready to use physical strength if needed. In situations of high danger, or when he's feeling utterly lost and out of control, the Chinese use to go into kamikaze mode, ready to go down together with the enemy if it can only give him a chance to defeat the opponent. Though his body type is rather slender and he's not very tall, Yaozu efficiently compensates his lacks with violent creativity and low blows.

The blond is pretty much awkward when the things are getting too mushy or overly cute or sentimental. Yaozu reacts with anger or blunt vulgarity when embarrassed or teased too much. He doesn't like to be out of control and will do his best to regain it.

Extremely curious are eager to learn new things. Though his education level is pretty much low, the Chinese never developed any kind of minority complex and instead of feeling embarrassed with his lack of knowledge, he chooses to learn from others if he has a chance.

Yaozu loves fun, though his idea of it more often than once is unconventional. He loves any form of challenge. The blond doesn't have a problem with interacting with new people, though the way he speaks with girls is totally different than the way he approached guys. He's easy to talk, though his sense of humor is pretty much sarcastic and may be taken as offensive by more delicate people.

Yaozu loves what he does and he wants to do it the best. He's passionate about the things he cares about and is ready to give it all and commit himself fully to reach his goals.

He's surprisingly selfless with the people he cares about and ready for sacrifices. He likes the idea of a pack and being committed to his people, but definitely doesn't see himself as a leader.

◢ P r e f e r e n c e s ◤

▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✓ ▬▬▬▬▬▬

  • Tattoos
  • Junk food (which is a base of his usual diet)
  • Elecronic and punk rock music
  • Clubs, arcades, pubs
  • Graffiti
  • Artistic Geometry
  • Weed, beer and cigarettes
  • Challenge
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Old people (he has infinite amounts of patience for them)
  • Old kung-fu movies
▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✗▬▬▬▬▬▬

  • Ridiculous and overly dramatic people
  • Allmates, any form of IA
  • People treating their AllMates too seriously or like living creatures
  • Humiliation and disrespect
  • Lack of control
  • Hot days
  • His apartment
  • Animals
  • Kids
  • Thunder storms (I won't say that he's afraid of them but yeah he pretty much is)

◢ H i s t o r y ◤

TL;DR: Comes from China, spent his childhood as a troublemaker, at some point decided to change his life and moved to Midorijima on his own. Lives in there for two years now, does Rhyme for fun and works in a tattoo studio.

Yaozu comes from the urban part of China, located in east-central part of the country. His father left his mother when Yaozu was still a baby and most of his childhood the boy spent living with his mother and grandpa. He doesn't remember his father and his family never mention the man.

Yaozu's mother has always been a fragile, delicate kind of woman, used to getting overly dramatic and hysterical about the smallest things just to get the attention she craved. It made Yaozu grow immune for her mood swings really quick, and however he never developed any kind of hatred or grunge against her, she's never been any kind of authority to him.

Whenever his mother was getting tired of taking care of him, she was leaving it to her father, Yaozu's grandpa. Grandpa was a watchmaker and a strict, but calm man, not refraining from punishing the boy for his misbehavior. Yaozu from the very beginning was very active and curious kid, used to getting involved into any kinds of troubles and making sure to go through every possible mistake of his young life. No matter what, grandpa always knew how to deal with his bullshit and now when Yaozu is old enough to appreciate it, he respects the man for that.

Yaozu started to cause more troubles when he got older and his grandfather hadn't have such influence over him anymore. Yaozu was angry and lost and it was just a matter of time before he dropped the school. Staying away from home and hanging out with losers similar to himself became his everyday routine. It was a very spontaneous idea when one evening, chilling at the rooftop of the old factory with his buddies, he realized that he doesn't want to be there anymore.  Because what kept him in there really? The reputation he gained over the years was starting to get bothersome and tiring. No one expected from him anything good anymore and that planted the need in the teen to prove them all wrong. If he was about to get a fresh start, he should reach high. That's when the information about Platinum Jail got his attention, and man, it sound like a place to live in.

Having a specific goal in his mind was enough to put his plans into motion. Yaozu's grandpa supported the idea, finding it as a sign that maybe the boy grew up enough to finally do something with his life. It took Yaozu two years to collect enough of money and information to travel and settle down in Hosoo, Midorijima, which wasn't exactly the place he was aiming for, but also wasn't much different from what he used to in his hometown, so it helped him to adapt to the new surrounding easily. Full of motivation and encouraged by his first big success Yaozu started to absorb everything he could, quickly making new buddies and catching up with new technologies and trends. From the money he obtained thanks to different small jobs he got himself an AllMate and shortly after started to do Rhyme.

Thanks to Rhyme he met Noname, the owner of reINKarnation - the tattoo studio where he started to work as a helper shortly after. Tattoos became his new passion.  From his youngest years Yaozu was showing a lot of creativity with ruining the walls of buildings in his neighborhood with graffiti. He decided to channel his artistic abilities to the new level and aim to become a tattoo artist.


When the rules regarding Rhyme changed, Yaozu was forced to join a team. He chose to become a part of KINGS, a group of strong individuals who same as him seemed to have the strong spark of passion. That's where he met Kazuma, a man who earlier become his first tattoo canvas and later a friend.

 It was his 21st birthday when Yaozu received his tattoo certificate and become a legit tattoo artist. It was also when as a gift, Kazuma arranged for him possibility to paint a huge mural for Nextwave, a popular club of Midorijima and though the Chinese had a bad luck to break his arm in the same day, it didn't stop him from accepting the offer. What for someone could seem like nothing, for Yaozu it was a huge success and a chance to become recognized by the bigger audience.

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara (post 2nd event) In meantime when Golden Playground offered the Rhyme teams an opportunity to promote themselves with their different themed booths, Yaozu had to face unexpected issues - Kazuma's old teammate's decided to remind the man about themselves, expecting from him to get back to his old team, Censura. During confrontation same him as Yaozu got injured, what left on Yaozu's back a long scar running across his tattoo and efficiently ruining it's pattern. Though they managed to escape from Censura's grip, Yaozu doubts that the team gave up on their old teammate completely.

Later on, Yaozu finished the mural for Nextwave, in meantime befriending Haruna Fujioka, an art director of the club, who showed interest with Yaozu's work and hopes for working with the Chinese in the future. The enw opening of Nextwave was a big success and opened for Yaozu a whole lot of new possibilities to push his artistic career further.

◢ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ◤

◄ AllMate: Nadia ►

rE:VOLUTION - Yaozu's COIL - Nadia by toxic-zone
Female | Tarantula (Mexican Rustleg, Brachypelma boehmei)
Nadia is programmed to be quiet and practical. Yaozu isn't an animal kind of person, so he doesn't expect from her much interaction; all he wants is full obedience. He never thought of his AllMate as a living creature and however useful he finds the machine, he doesn't feel very attached to her as AI. Nadia is a cold perfectionist, speaking only when necessary and used to communicate by short announcements and commands. Fast and effective, she's everything Yaozu could ever wish for from his AllMate. He bought her 2 years ago and though few models with similar statistics and capability in form of "cuter" animals were available and cheaper than Nadia, he picked exactly her. Yaozu never really wished to have a pet, after spending his childhood with his mother who needed a lot of attention, he doesn't look for something needing much of his attention.

◄ Yamagashi Kazuma ►
Best bro forever and a fucking piece of shit in the same time. Yaozu likes to think about Kazuma (not that he thinks about him that often...) as his partner in crime, no matter what the crime would be and pretty much trusts the man, though in no way it stops him from making Kazuma's life as much of a hell as possible, just for fun. They kinda hate each other, but in the same time like each other same much, so they spend a lot of time together being total assholes to each other and constantly pissing each other off, yet still hanging out together so yeah, it's pretty much fucked up. They share the same wavelength, that's what Yaozu likes to think (not that he thinks about it at all).

◄ Mori Daisuke ►
His girly guy friend. At first Yaozu had some small internet crush on Daisy, thinking that he's a really cute girl, just to find out one day that dude looks like a lady. It didn't stop Yao from finding Daisuke still pretty much cute, which generally fucks with his sense of sexuality pretty much, but he tries to ignore it. He's kinda intimidated by Daisuke's openness when it comes to embarrassing topics. Also, Daisy is the only gay friend Yao has, so he is the first source of information when it comes to asking ridiculous homo related questions.

◄ Noname ►
Owner of reINKarnation tattoo studio, Yaozu's boss and tattoo guru. Kinda twisted and weird guy and Yaozu's first and the biggest art inspiration. Totally obsessed with his girlfriend. Finds Yaozu's appreciation for his work gross. Recently moved to a new place in Kyuujuuminku.

◄ Fujioka Haruna  ►
Art Director of Nextwave nightclub in Platinum Jail, rather popular in specific circles, cheerful and  open-minded 28 years old woman. Recently Yaozu had a chance to work under her administration and she appreciated his work a lot. She's hoping to work with Yao in future. Yao has a tiny idol crush on her.

◄ Laine Rhena. Saito Hideki, Hyuun Seiichi, Miyamoto Genta, Vicktor Don Jon, Dre Guiler ►
Yaozu's buddies, teammates and people he interacts with on friendly, casual level.

Shangguan Tao
Yaozu's grandpa, the only family member Yaozu stays in touch with, an old, rather cynical and sarcastic man, who has a lot of faith in his grandson, though isn't very eager in showing that openly. Yaozu respects him a lot.

◢ E x t r a s ◤

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